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"What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with.

- Robert Brault

Hi there, I’m Colleen.

Portrait thanks to  @geneoh

Portrait thanks to @geneoh

Loving someone and being loved by them in return is one of the greatest experiences of the human condition. During my time as a wedding photographer, I have learned that love manifests itself in so many different ways. Sometimes love is quiet and soft, sometimes its goofy and wild, sometimes its intense and raw, and sometimes is a fluctuating act of all of the above. Regardless of what your love for each other looks like - it has inspired and changed you in so many ways.

What can you expect from me as your photographer?

You and your partner are my priority. I believe that your love story is one of a kind, and it’s my job to bring that story to life. My main focus will be on you two, capturing the unique way that you love each other.

More than a just a vendor. I see myself as a linchpin. Come rain or high water, I promise to do my absolute best to make sure that your day is a memorable one. If it rains, we will play in it. If the sun is out, we will bask in it. I will be there to calm you down, when the nerves fire up. I will be there to laugh with you, and to cry with you! I will be there for both of you through the whole process.

Quality over quantity. My goal is to photograph the intimate story of you and your partner on the day that you’re choosing to commit yourselves to one another. I won’t be shooting incessantly for the sake of shooting. I take a deliberate and insightful approach to photographing the not-so obvious, and often overlooked moments that go unnoticed in the normal hustle and bustle of a traditional wedding.

Less is more. I only shoot 10 elopements/weddings a year and never back to back. I do this in order for me to do my best work and so my couples can have my full attention.

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Currently booking elopements and small intimate weddings for 2019.